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Our construction dumpsters are sent to material recovery centers where we are able to recycle about 75% of what you throw away. This keeps usable materials out of our landfills and provides a greener way to dispose of your debris. With our “clean dump” dumpsters, we are able to recycle 100% of the disposal material when you fill the dumpster with a “clean” dump of recyclable debris. *When ordering a dumpster, particularly our 30-yard dumpsters, we can provide delivery if you order before noon the previous day. Our trucks have a full route each day, but in an emergency we can often provide same day delivery of a dumpster. Same day delivery might mean an emergency service fee. But there are times when we are busy with so many orders that our first available delivery window might be in two days. Dumpsters as rented by the project, not by the day. One day or one week – the cost of renting a dumpster is the same. Depending on the size and the city you rent in, your dumpster comes will an allowance for weight and number of days. Smaller dumpsters tend to allow for one week, and larger dumpsters often allow for a 28 day rental. *Rolloff Dumpsters are essential for construction crews to store and dispose of demolition and construction debris. Property owners can use rental dumpsters for cleanup projects. Dumpsters are great for REO Trashouts. If you have a rental property you need cleaned up a rolloff dumpster might be what you need to get the job done. When you rent a dumpster, we will place the dumpster anywhere you want as long as our truck can get to it. For residences this usually means the driveway. Sometimes we are asked to place the dumpster in the yard; please understand dumpsters are heavy and when we drag it across your lawn it will destroy your grass. For commercial buildings, this often means the loading dock or parking lot. For retail stores this is often behind the building or in the parking lot. Got a load you need to dump? You have stopped at the right place for your dumping services. We help many people in the area to get rid of whatever it may be. Our containers come in a variety of sizes so we are able to accommodate any dumping you have. For smaller projects, we recommend a 15 yard dumpster or 20 yard dumpster; and for larger projects we recommend a 30 yard dumpster, which is also our most popular size. People come to us when they have a construction project, a clean up project, or even for a remodeling! You pick up the phone, dial the number, and get one scheduled for when you're ready for your dumpster. We also provide same day delivery and pick up.

Rent a Dumpster

We rent dumpsters in the entire Charlotte metropolitan area.

We have dumpster rentals for home or commercial use. We have all sizes for any project you need done. Whether you need a standard 30-yard dumpster for a construction or demolition project, a 15-yard dumpster for a home cleanup or a 10-yard dumpster for a small project, we have them all.

Dumpster Sizes

What size dumpster depends on what you will be using it for.

Exterior Remodeling - These home improvement projects require removal of high-density bulky materials like roof shingles, lumber, siding and windows. Often this will require a small to medium dumpster such as a 10-yard Dumpster, or 20-yard Dumpster.

Household Cleanup - These projects include removal of old carpets, furniture, toys and other materials that collect in basements, attics and garages. Our most popular size for this is a 15-yard Dumpster, but the workhorse 30-yard dumpster is good for larger projects or removing bulky furniture.

Small to Medium Renovations - These smaller home improvement projects call for the removal of heavy materials such as sinks, tiles and bathroom fixtures. Our most popular size for this type of project is a15-yard dumpster. Customers often choose from a 10-yard Dumpster up to a 20-yard Dumpster in size.

Small to Medium Interior Remodeling - These interior remodeling projects call for the removal of large amounts of carpet, wood, furniture, rugs and other low-density materials. Depending on how bulky your items are, you may want a 30-yard dumpster or use one of our smaller size rolloff dumpsters.

Medium to Large Renovations - These interior remodeling projects call for the removal of large amounts of carpet, wood, furniture, rugs and other low-density materials. This calls for our most popular dumpster size, a 30-yard dumpster. You can go with a smaller dumpster, but there is not much cost savings and the 30-yard has much more room.

Charlotte, NC Dumpster Rental

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Dumpster Rentals for most major areas such as Charlotte, NC

Dumpster Rental in Charlotte, NC. Our most popular size is a 30yd rolloff dumpster. Rent a dumpster for your construction project in the metro Charlotte area.

Single point of contact

We can be your single point of contact for all your dumpster rental needs for all of your projects no matter where they are located.

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